“What about…”

What if Trump dies ahead of the election? If Biden falls and breaks his arm? If Biden is chosen, but then decides to not run, but then…

We can’t write out every possible scenario. But we are glad you are exercising your imagination! We need that.

A challenge we’ve found is for people to put themselves into their imaginations. What will you do? What strategies do you want to do to create a stronger, healthier democracy? 

“But I don’t think it’ll happen that way…”

Good for you. We’re not saying this is a crystal ball.

Our goal is exploratory fiction based in some real possibilities grounded by a team of expert advisors. Disagreement is healthy. Open disagreement is a key bedrock of a vital democracy. Glad you are exploring, too.

“Who are you?”

In 2020, a tiny group of us started Choose Democracy, which predicted and prepared to resist an active coup. We regrouped in 2024 because of the need.

The key creatives of the book are Daniel (author) and Elizabeth (artist). We’re lovingly held by a team of experts and supporters including the core team at Choose Democracy (George, Jennifer, Sam, Katey).

You can read more about us on our About Us page.

“How can I donate?”

Thanks for asking. There are great groups working to stop an ascendent Trump — and we encourage you to donate to that work.

If you still want to donate to us, you can donate to our PAC. This is not tax-deductible:

“How can I stay in touch?”

We send out infrequent emails when we have new resources or insights to share.