This resource prepares organizations emotionally and practically for a world in which Trump is elected president again this November. In it, your group explores detailed scenarios for what might happen if Trump is elected, to step into how those scenarios might feel, and to experiment with ways they — the group — might show up to those possible futures, together.

Scenario Game: “What do we do if Trump wins?”

We are finding that many groups are generically thinking about a possible Trump presidency without really exploring the details. Avoidance or denial can lead to anxiety or displaced fears. This game is designed to move a group from avoidance to looking at a possible future head on — and in doing so, be more physiologically and materially ready.

We have two resources to lead these with your groups:

Additional Resources

The Authoritarian Playbook for 2025

How an authoritarian president will dismantle our democracy. This is the guidebook to understand Trump’s plans and those of Project 2025 if Trump wins the Presidential Election.

by United to Protect Democracy

American Autocracy Threat Tracker: A Comprehensive Catalog Based on Donald Trump and His Associates’ Plans, Promises, and Propositions

What has Trump been saying? A tracker that’s kept up-to-date of his thinking.

by Norman L. Eisen, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Siven Watt, Andrew Warren, Jacob Kovacs-Goodman and Francois Barrilleaux

How Far Trump Would Go

“Donald Trump thinks he’s identified a crucial mistake of his first term: He was too nice…”

by Eric Cortellessa

No. Seriously. What if Trump Wins Again?

We had a fantastic conversation with the folks over at Convergence Magazine. They asked brilliant questions about the psychology of strategy in what we’re doing. We don’t post all our media hits — but we recommend this: listen to the full interview via their podcast.  Or, read their excerpts of the interview.

Combatting Authoritarianism: The Skills and Infrastructure Needed to Organize Across Difference

A helpful short article about some of the different skills needed for building an anti-authority movement.

by Maria J. Stephan and Julia Roig

Is Democracy at Risk? A Lesson Plan for U.S. and Global History Classes

This lesson from 2018 can be adapted for use in social studies, history and civics classes. A good starting pointing for teachers — mix and match activities and resources depending on what you’re teaching and why.

by Michael Gonchar, New York Times (2018)